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The AthleteHUB In Bibra Lake and Spearwood

dr archie shoulder pressureThe AthleteHUB has established itself as the place to go for providing premium care for athletes during sporting events, such as CrossFit competitions, around the Perth area since 2015. We’re here to help you get the most out of your experience.

The AthleteHUB is here to light your recovery up!!!

Your HUBPass is an all access pass to the ATHLETEHUB—the VIP lounge of any good CrossFit Event.

At the AthleteHub, we strive to bring you the best possible Athlete Care at every event we do—in our eyes, everyone’s an athlete.


Grab your HUBPASS to get the following:

  • Unlimited therapy sessions from our amazing practitioners
  • Unlimited Rocktaping
  • Unlimited use of the Ice Baths to help your muscles recover
  • Access to the Athlete Chill Area, providing Sun-Lounges and Foam Rollers to rest up and recover while waiting for your next event
  • *Heeeeaaaaaps of FitAid!!!!
Your HUBPASS is the difference between surviving the comp and thriving during the comp!

Our Team

Our team understands what you need to stay competitive and perform at the highest levels, as we’re athletes too!

With backgrounds in such diverse areas as cricket, footy, competitive weight lifting, and karate, we address your needs efficiently.

Find Out More

Contact us to find out more about The AthleteHUB services. Take your performance to the next level, call today!


The AthleteHUB Bibra Lake, Spearwood, Hamilton Hill, WA | 0424 600 482