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Clinical Biochemistry In Bibra Lake and Spearwood

female-patientDr Andrew (Chiropractor) also offers clinical biochemistry consults using Applied Kinesiology (AK) muscle testing to figure out where each person is in regard to their health. He looks at areas like gut health or irritable bowel syndrome. Other issues he has seen people for include sleeping problems, food allergies, hormonal imbalances, blood sugar issues, and more.

Having a deep interest in clinical biochemistry and the study of how our internal chemical balance affects overall health, Dr Andrew completed postgraduate study in this field at the beginning of 2017 and has utilised his knowledge with great success. This additional knowledge provides him with the skill to have a greater holistic approach to health, and reaffirms his belief that health comes from a balance of structural, chemical and emotional wellbeing.

What Is Muscle Testing?

Muscle testing is a non-invasive assessment tool used to find imbalances in the physical, mental, and energy systems in the body. It involves applying gentle pressure to the areas of your muscular system to promote either a contraction or release of certain muscles.

This type of testing allows our chiropractor to determine where the stressors, blockages, and imbalances are in your body, and gather accurate biofeedback on the body’s physiological and psychological state. It tests across the body’s crucial areas and systems, most commonly organs, glands, and muscles, as well as the digestive, reproductive, nervous, and immune systems.

Using the information obtained from the muscle testing, Dr Andrew uses a range of gentle, non-invasive, and natural techniques to clear the blockages and imbalances and restore your body’s natural balance.

While this is one of his interests, time limitations only allow him to see a maximum of two patients per week. Patients do not have to be under chiropractic care to take advantage of this service, although Dr Andrew does recommend adding it to their healthcare regimen.

Discover the Benefits

Clinical biochemistry has benefits most people are unaware of, and is not available in many practices. Take advantage of this service offered at ChiropracticHUB and see how you may benefit. Call us today!


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