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New Patients at ChiropracticHUB

Welcome to our practice! When you come through the door at Roar Fitness, we’re just on the left-hand side as you walk in, across from their main reception desk. You’ll receive a warm greeting from our friendly team members. If you haven’t filled out your paperwork yet, we’ll give you a few minutes to complete it before taking you to the consult room. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Dr Kristina with reception

Your first appointment with us includes an initial consultation and examination. This gives you the opportunity to go over your previous and current health history with your chiropractor, and outline your concerns and health goals. They’ll also ask you some questions to better understand how your spine and nervous system are functioning.Next, you’ll have a physical exam, which includes a thorough neurological, orthopaedic, and spinal assessment. It also includes muscle and reflex testing to see how well your nervous system communicates, and a postural analysis. If any other tests or images are necessary, your doctor will let you know. Once this is complete, you’ll return to the front and make an appointment for your next visit. Please allow 30 minutes for this appointment.

On your second visit, the Report of Findings, your chiropractor will go over the examination findings and any requested images.The doctor will review your care plan specifically designed to help you achieve your short and long-term goals, as discussed at your initial consultation. Extremity adjusting is one of our special areas of focus.

Once you fully understand your options, the choice to continue is up to you. We can start your care today if you choose to proceed.


Financial Responsibility

We accept most private health companies, and have a health point system to claim your appointment on the same day. Please check with your health fund provider to find out if you have chiropractic care on your plan. Medicare benefits are available for eligible patients. Referrals must be obtained from your GP first to claim your benefits.

Get Relief Today

Chiropractic care might help reduce your pain. Contact our office to book your appointment.


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