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Shockwave Therapy In Bibra Lake and Spearwood

Shockwave therapy being performed on a patient's elbow.Shockwave Therapy is another modality our doctors may include in your care plan. A chronic pain solution, it addresses lingering injuries by triggering an increase in metabolism and blood circulation in the affected area. Once activated, your body’s self-healing mechanisms take control and speed recovery.

We use the highly regarded Chattanooga® shockwave machine at our practice. It produces a low-energy acoustical pulse using sound waves to generate fresh blood flow to the damaged tissue and promote healing. The increase in blood flow helps remove old inflammation and stimulates the tendons, ligaments, and cartilage to increase the rate of healing.

What to Expect

The machine is placed directly on the injury using a gel medium for better transmission. The device makes a clicking sound as it works; the therapy may produce some mild discomfort. Most patients tolerate it well; the intensity can be reduced to make your care more comfortable. Side effects, if any, are minimal and disappear quickly.

This therapy helps break down scar tissue and calcifications, and promotes regeneration of bones, tendons and soft tissues. Taking only minutes, a course of therapy can be completed quickly, allowing patients to return to activities faster.

New Solutions for Pain

Addressing connective tissue damage can be difficult, and solutions are often hard to find. Our patients have seen improvement with conditions such as:

  • Chronic Back, Neck, Shoulder, Knee & Hip Pain—relieve trigger points, break down scarring or adhesions, and reduce inflammation
  • Tendons & Fascia—resolve tendonitis, bursitis, myofascial pain, and IT band syndrome
  • Lower Extremities—address foot discomfort, plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel spurs, neuromas, Achilles injuries, shin splints and others
  • Relief from Joint Pain—osteoarthritis and tendon calcification
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries—address rotator cuff injuries, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, jumper’s knee, and carpal tunnel syndrome

Whether your pain is the result of a sports injury, overuse, or a repetitive strain, shockwave therapy may help you heal and reduce your pain.

Learn More Today

Shockwave therapy is an alternative therapy which may help prevent surgical intervention in some instances. Patients have enjoyed results conventional medicine couldn’t provide, such as decreased inflammation and discomfort, increased function, and a healthier you.

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