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Introducing the HUBRUB Muscle Butter for Cleaner, Healthier Relief

New-Product-HUBRUBIt doesn’t matter where you feel pain, or what brought it on. The end result is almost always the same. Whether you’re still able to power through or have to stop everything and take a break, it’s hard to focus on work or enjoy your life when you’re in pain.

That’s why we went above and beyond other clinics and developed our own unique HUBRUB Muscle Butter for temporary relief of aches and pains. Of course, we used 100% natural ingredients, giving you a chance to breathe again without worrying about exposing yourself to harmful toxins.

Smooth, Creamy, and Clean Relief

Our team makes it easy to feel better, while still feeling great about your health. The HUBRUB Muscle Butter uses four active ingredients—arnica, hemp oil, magnesium, and St John’s Wort—to reduce inflammation and relax your muscles naturally.

We added touches of eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender essential oils for a nice smell and a soothing, cooling sensation on your skin.

Our Muscle Butter is also easy to rub in, as it doesn’t stick to the skin.

Your Go-to Muscle Rub

Maybe you’ve hit the gym extra hard, or you spent a few extra hours at the office hunched over a screen. Your muscles are starting to feel that familiar ache, but it’ll be a few days until you can make it in for an adjustment. Our 100% Australian made and owned HUBRUB Muscle Butter gives your body a break from pain until you can deal with the root cause of the issue.

For years, we’ve watched patients of every age and body type struggle with pain that kept them back from achieving their full potential—and we’re not okay with that. We did our homework to create a clean cream that’s good for your body and brings you back to feeling your best, so you can achieve more every day.

Connect With Our Team Today

Want to learn more about our natural responses to pain? Contact our office now to talk more about how HUBRUB Muscle Butter can turn your hard days around.

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